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23rd April 2018

Added "Flirting With The Neighbour"
Running time 18 minutes 4 seconds.

Added 108 image photo set taken from "Unreliable Model"

Added 119 video images taken from "Flirting With The Neighbour"


9th April 2018

Added "Unreliable Model"
Running time 18 minutes 13 seconds.

Added 66 image photo set taken from "Motivational Measures"

Added 88 video images taken from "Unreliable Model"


26th March 2018

Added "Motivational Measures"
Running time 19 minutes 5 seconds.

Added 101 image photo set entitled "Tough Love"

Added 78 video images taken from "Motivational Measures"


12th March 2018

Added "Tough Love"
Running time 19 minutes 52 seconds.

Added 123 image photo set entitled "Fitness Spanking"

Added 136 video images taken from "Tough Love"


26th February 2018

Added "Payback"
Running time 33 minutes 14 seconds

Added 71 image photo set entitled "Hard Hand Of The Law"

Added 185 video images taken from "Payback"


12th February 2018

Added "Breaking The Rules"
Running time 21 minutes 40 seconds.

Added 75 image photo set entitled "Get Over My Knee"

Added 83 image photo set taken from "Breaking The Rules"


29th January 2018

Added "Let Me Explain"
Running time 15 minutes 50 seconds.

Added 92 image photo set entitled "Please Spank Me"

Added 153 image photo set taken from "Let Me Explain"


15th January 2018

Added "A Formal Punishment"
Running time 18 minutes 21 seconds.

Added 98 image photo set entitled "Where’s My Dinner?"

Added 53 image photo set taken from "A Formal Punishment"


1st January 2018

Added "Not Another Spanking"
Running time 18 minutes 57 seconds

Added 70 image photo set entitled "Lina’s Fitness Programme"

Added 84 video images taken from "Not Another Spanking"


To get all the latest news from the Vixen Ladies spanking network please follow us on Twitter


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